Benchmarking Data


HapMap Data Table

HapMap Cell Line Data

For the SMaHT benchmarking study, six cell lines profiled in the International HapMap project (hence the “HapMap” cell lines) were mixed at Coriell, and the cell mixture samples were distributed to GCCs and TTDs for analyses.

Information about the six HapMap cell lines and mixture ratios are the following:

  • 0.5%: HG00438 (Female; Chinese Han in the South)
  • 2%: HG002 (Male; Ashkenazim Jewish)
  • 2%: HG02257 (Female; African Caribbean in Barbados)
  • 2%: HG02486 (Male; African Caribbean in Barbados)
  • 10%: HG02622 (Female; Gambian in Western Division, Mandinka)
  • 83.5%: HG005 (Male; Chinese)

Note: The unaligned BAM and FASTQ files, and data from unofficial benchmarking samples will be available upon request (through Globus) or at the next release of the portal.